Economic Empowerment Transforming Lives of People Living Positively

Josphine Lubanga a 46-year-old care giver and a mother of four from Marama North Ward, Butere Sub-county in Kakamega County cannot hide her joy as she narrates how the MWENDO OVC project has transformed her life. Previously, as the sole breadwinner, she was struggling to make ends meet through subsistence farming, especially for that her 14-year-old son who is on care and treatment. As much as she was trying her best to help manage their health, economic challenges were limiting them to live a normal life.

The Case Management Approach where a Case Plan Achievement and Readiness Assessment (CPARA) is conducted indicated that Lubanga’s household met the criteria of a highly vulnerable household. She was enrolled as a caregiver under the project with her sole responsibility being to provide for the household members’ needs (in the 4 domains: healthy, schooled, stable and safe). This enabled her to be enrolled in the Household Emergency Fund support, where money was disbursed in 3 batches.

I received my first disbursement of Kshs. 2000 which helped me expand my tomato business and also ventured into selling fruits such as oranges, mangoes and bananas,” says Josephine. “I used my second disbursement of Kshs. 4,000 to purchase cereals which I later sold when the market prices were favourable,” added Josephine. She was able to purchase more tomatoes and a crate of oranges at wholesale price and within a month, she managed to sell the oranges well making a profit of Kss. 1,600 and Kshs. 2,000 from the sale of tomatoes. Her last disbursement of Kshs. 6,000 enabled her to buy a dairy goat which she named Mwendo. As a result of her businesses, Lubanga can now comfortably meet some of her family needs and also pay for her children’s school lunch program, by their school uniforms and items, improve her home and can now access a balanced diet. She is also a member of Tuinuane SILC Group where she saves money obtained from her business. This enables her to save and borrow money which she uses to sustain her family. ‘‘I would like to thank ADS Western for the support they have given those who live positively through the MWENDO OVC project. My future and that of my children is now bright,” says Josphine.

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