Farmer Groups Benefit from Agrinutrition Training

Members of Kilimo Biashara Group in Matungu Sub-county have been trained on the 14 topics of agri-nutrition using the community dialogue card and food reference charts. They now consume from at least 5 food groups a day, share gender roles and practice hygiene which is evident from the available hand washing facilities.

Through the ALVs demo established in their group, the members have adopted the use of raised beds, precise planting and Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM).  In the month of June and July, they sold ALVs worth 34000shs where Ksh.15,000 was saved in the group’s kitty, Ksh.10,000 used to buy 100 chicks and Ksh.3000 used to pay for incubator services. The group engages in poultry farming and currently has 250 poultry with 70 ready for sale.

After receiving GAP training in ALVs production and nutrition, Calistus Barasa of Namasa Star Group in Bumula has made Ksh.18,000 from the sale of  ALVs. He used the money to pay school fees, buy farm inputs like seeds and fertilizers and pay for land preparation services on his farm. He has set aside 0.5 acres for ALV production during the 2021 short rains.

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