Building Self-Sustainability for Tomorrow’s Leaders Through Sustainable Farming

Kevin Owino, a member of the Asali beekeeping group, holds a diploma in architecture from Eldoret National Polytechnic. Faced with a lack of employment opportunities, Kevin made the decision to venture into farming. He is now a beneficiary of the SUSTFARM project, which has provided him with valuable support and resources to kickstart his agricultural journey.

Choosing to follow in his father’s footsteps, Kevin joined him in the agricultural sector. His father’s success in farming, which helped fund Kevin’s education, served as a motivating factor. Moreover, Kevin recognized that agriculture offers a viable livelihood option that doesn’t demand significant upfront capital.

Within the Asali beekeeping group, each member is allocated a portion of land to cultivate various crops such as tomatoes, kales, bell peppers, in addition to engaging in beekeeping activities. The comprehensive training received through the SUSTFARM project has been instrumental in enhancing their agricultural practices, resulting in increased yields.

Embracing organic farming techniques has been a game-changer for the group. By minimizing the use of synthetic inputs, they’ve not only reduced farming costs but also witnessed a boost in their overall yields. Preferring indigenous seeds for their resilience and longevity, the group has found them to be less acidic and capable of maintaining freshness for extended periods.

Despite the group’s successes, Kevin faces challenges, particularly during the dry season. The high cost of fuel required to pump water, compounded by the reliance on generators due to the lack of water pumps, presents a significant financial burden. Furthermore, inadequate road infrastructure makes it difficult for tractors to access the farm, hampering efficiency.

Nonetheless, Kevin remains undeterred in his passion for farming. He eagerly looks forward to further training opportunities provided by ADS Western and SUSTFARM, recognizing the value of continuous learning in addressing agricultural challenges. Through resilience and a commitment to sustainability, Kevin and his fellow group members strive to overcome obstacles and thrive in their farming endeavours.

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