Job Summary: ADS-W is seeking to recruit a suitable candidate for the Position of FIELD OFFICER to support the Sustainable Food Systems Project (SUSTFARM+) in Kakamega County. The project is using a food systems approach to effectively address the systemic challenges related to food production in Western Kenya, the project will analyse the activities, drivers, outcomes, events, and trends related to food production in a certain context by linking these elements in a wide ‘mapping’. The focus will move from a single element to their interactions, including the influence and interests of actors such as sustainable land management, environmental conservation, nutrition, value addition/agro-processing technologies and innovations and contextualization of national agricultural policies to county levels to offer an environment suitable for the development of sustainable food systems.

Project goal-The overall goal of this project will be to improve access to food, reduce malnutrition and lessen exposure to the effects of natural shocks, thereby increasing resilience among communities in western Kenya.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Field Officer will have the following roles and responsibilities:

Ensure the successful implementation of project activities, including planning and the transparent procurement of grant-related goods and services. Successful implementation should include on-going consultative processes with government and community involvement in all phases.

Write grant ideas, success stories and weekly grants updates and monthly project reports Coordinate with the implementing partners to track physical progress of the ongoing grants.

Interact/ hold meetings with the community committee members aiming at improving the quality and deliverables and subsequently gaining the confidence of stakeholders.

Participate in the bidding of grants and assist the logistics in relevant documentation.

Identify the area/region based on strategic objectives of the program to prioritize the donor grants, completed projects and monitor quarterly targets in conjunction with other key quality assurance and research staff for effective and efficient project implementation.

Share with other program staff successful methodologies for consultative approaches to grant development and implementation  

Work with volunteers and interns, in report writings, grants updates and community mobilization accordingly to program policy.

Conduct baseline and situation analysis surveys.

Work in close coordination with the technical section to ensure quality of work.

Conduct monthly data collection, verification and validation.

Supervise and manage all activities in absence of ADS team leader/Project Coordinator.

Increase knowledge in terms of Good Agricultural Practices in different value chains under the ADSW food and nutrition security focus.

 Profile of Farmers field School (FFS), Sensitization of the project to stakeholders, provision of technical assistance in the areas of agricultural productivity, conduct farmer contact meetings and follow up meetings, select and recruit model farmers as well as setting up of FFS demos.

Assess the training needs of farmers and stakeholders and participate in joint activities with other stakeholders e.g., field days. 

Train the community members eg farmers to aid adoption of new farming technologies

Provide training and support farmer field schools and farmer groups.

Liaise with the Ministry of Agriculture, and other stakeholders in successful implementation of projects. 

Compile and document relevant information for collaborative activities and missions.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Agronomy, General Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness management or any other Degree in Agriculture from a University recognized by the Kenyan Commission for University.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Agronomy, General Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness management or any other Degree in Agriculture from a University recognized by the Kenyan Commission for University Education. 
  • 5 years’ experience with project design, development, management, and implementation of development-type projects. S/He should have experience in community participation and consultative-type projects. The Field Officer must have the capacity to understand and analyze national, regional, and local politics, and the creativity and analytical.
  • Knowledge & hands on experience in computer software’s preferably Excel, MS word etc
  • Experience in Report writing skills and oral communication skills.
  • Able to communicate fluently in English, Swahili and local language.

Key Competencies

  • Training and capacity building skills
  • Excellent Analytical skills
  • Demonstrates initiative and
  • Ability to work without
  • Excellent organization skills, planning skills and Ability to work under time pressure and adhere to strict
  • Appreciation of project’s host communities’ culture, values, norms and

Compliance with Kenyan Laws

In adherence to the provisions of The Employment (Amendment) ACT, 2002, ADSW will require the successful candidate to submit clearance documents as outlined in chapter six of the Kenyan constitution.




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